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Video Transcript

Frustrated with poor visibility into your accounts payable process or fearful of audit risk? Maybe you’re tired of manual processes with their mountains of paper, or aggravated with the lack of best practices, or you just simply want to reduce your costs.

Are you thinking that maybe it’s time you automated? This quick overview of DataServ’s automation will help you decide if we are a potential fit for you. If so, we can schedule a full demonstration. Let’s get started!

For most of our clients, the automation process begins when DataServ takes all invoices from any source, form, or format, including regular mail, EDI, email, fax, etc. And via our Digital Mailroom eliminates manual data entry and sends you 99% accurate digital data for use in your review and approval processes.

For invoices that have corresponding purchase orders, this data can be used for touchless invoice processing using our pre-ERP, two- or three-way match process called AutoVouch™. Our automated workflow also handles all non-PO invoices. Let’s take a closer look at how non-PO invoices get approved in DataServ. DataServ will automatically email approvers when they have invoices to review. Approvers follow the link provided in their email to log in, then proceed to access, review, code and approve invoices. Logging in provides approvers access to their invoices in a totally secure environment and can be accomplished using our single sign-on capability with whatever authentication you choose. Once logged in, approvers access their personal reporting dashboard by clicking on the “Do My Work” button. The approver is taken to a list of all their pending invoices. Here’s a sample list of invoices waiting for review. Let’s take a closer look at this sample invoice from Grainger.

This is the review screen with a scanned image of the invoice. And the data captured and passed along to the user’s ERP or other system of record by DataServ, regardless of the number of ERP’s your business uses. We work with all ERP’s or financial systems and can provide a simple, one-click link inside your ERP to access documents.

DataServ tailors approval options to fit your needs. Here the choices are: approve, reject, hold, or re-route. Clicking “approved” brings up the approval form.

Our clients appreciate that we are able to tailor the approval forms to their chart of accounts, approval matrix, policies and best practices. We don’t make you conform to our software; we tailor our software to your business.

Clicking on the “prior GL code information” button will show you how this expense has been coded in the past, so your approvers don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time.

Once the invoice has been reviewed, coded and approved, DataServ automatically generates an email and routes it to the next step in your process based upon your approval matrix. What if you don’t have an approval matrix? Not to worry. DataServ can help you create an approval matrix from the process you’re currently using but have not documented.

Next, let’s look at how the accounts payable processor works with DataServ automation. Searching for invoice documents can be a real headache in most systems, as many systems rely on invoice number. Not so with DataServ; our flexible search offers unlimited options for finding invoices. You can search by vendor name or number, PO or invoice number, dollar amount of the invoice, or any combination of terms. Our search allows user quick and easy access to the invoices they need to find.

Finally, let’s see how AP or accounting managers use DataServ. Managers appreciate the powerful reporting provided by our system. Choose from hundreds of pre-defined reports that you can run without special training. Whether you need more complete month-end reporting, open invoice reports, productivity statistics, or workflow reporting, DataServ can deliver. Our clients find that our automation and reporting routinely provides up to 45 more days visibility into their process, improving forecasts, controls, and the confidence of senior management.

But we know that successful automation takes more than just technology, and DataServ is far more than a software provider. We’ll work closely with you to integrate with your ERP, whatever ERP you use. We’ll provide integrated solutions for your entire P2P process, such as PO Req and Vendor Setup and also provide all initial and ongoing user support, training and system administration services, so you don’t have to.

And finally, DataServ’s SaaS solutions provide the opportunity to reduce your risk with our innovative bite-sized chunk offer. Here’s what that means; you try us out on a small project, perhaps Digital Mailroom, or maybe a process like Vendor Setup, or go a little larger and automate some of the processes of a single location, or even a division before you commit a lot of time and money. Try a bite-sized chunk of our solutions and see the results for yourself.

This has been a quick overview of how we can help improve your AP process, but what you’ve seen in this short presentation doesn’t represent all of our services. In our full demo, you’ll get an expanded view of our SaaS technology and services, reporting capabilities, user-based security, handling of urgent check requests and more.

So, if this has made you want to learn more about DataServ, contact us for more information, and thanks for watching.