What Clients Are Saying


From the beginning, I noticed the Client Support team at DataServ was very knowledgeable about our process, which was really helpful. I didn’t feel the need to spend a lot of time explaining in detail what I needed resolved, whether I emailed the support solution desk or contacted them by phone. The response time was always impressive. I really felt comfortable with knowing the team was there to assist with whatever issues I needed resolved. DataServ support has an outstanding client support team.

Yvonne Chambers, AP Manager
Nidec Motor Corporation — Client since 2003

The improvements our department gained with DataServ were almost instantaneous. Many of our processes improved, including our short-pay and approval processes, which before were challenging and involved many people and a lot of time. Liebert is a worldwide corporation, and there are invoices that need approval from all over the country. Consolidating all invoices to be mailed to specific P.O. boxes in St. Louis allows the Accounts Payable staff to digitally route invoices for approval. What in the past took sometimes weeks, now takes only a few days. We can already see more ways for making the process more efficient. This program is wonderful to work with. Our expectations have been exceeded.

Wendy White, P2P Process Improvement Manager
Liebert Corporation — Client since 2004

When I pick up the phone, I want to know that I can get an answer pretty shortly or at least talk to someone who says, ‘I’m working on it.’ That tells me that I’m an important customer even though they may have 250 customers like me, but it’s critical for me at that moment and I want to feel like I’m the only one.

Kay Acosta, Assistant Corporate Controller
Duncan Industrial Solutions — Client since 2004

One of the key traits of our relationship with DataServ is the partnership aspect. The only constant in this type of project is change, and every time we have presented a possible change to the DataServ group they have worked with us to be sure that we can realize that change. That change may be a smaller issue with a data field we want added to the system, or maybe a larger thing like the way the system processes AutoVouch that is more technically complicated than what a client would typically ask for. DataServ has been very amenable to all those requests. We felt very comfortable coming to DataServ as a partner with those types of scenarios. That has been critically important to the success of the project overall.

Stephen Burns, CIO
BlackHawk Industrial — Client since 2013

The DataServ solution has provided approximately 30% gains in efficiency in the departments where it’s been implemented. A large part of that can be attributed to our newfound ability to route documents around our company via email for approvals and analysis. We now have metrics we can use to monitor our productivity, which is something we never had before. In the end, this solution has resulted in less lost invoices and a better managed document process.

Joe Zulich, P2P Process Manager
White-Rodgers — Client since 2003

Since all invoices are in one place, approvers receive reminders and AP can look up invoices quickly online and not fumble through file cabinets. This has also led to improved visibility into obligations and improved month-end closing, as we don’t have to wonder if the invoice is sitting on an AP processor’s desk or if it is lost in the mail. We are able to use the report to determine what needs to be accrued for the month.

Krista Van de Wiele, Accounts Payable Manager
PolyOne — Client since 2009

DataServ’s AP automation solution addressed most of the scenarios we experience, but after discussing additional features they were able to design a process that matches exactly to what we were looking for when it comes to automating invoice processing.

Tatiana Lvova, Business Process Manager
Arbill — Client since 2014

I am absolutely convinced going with DataServ was the right move for Duncan... the system is easy to use and manage, because DataServ provides a talented support team to quickly respond to client needs. This solution has exceeded our expectations.

Brad Madore, VP Integrated Systems
Duncan Industrial Solutions — Client since 2004