Adapt Quickly to Digital Accounts Payable


With workplaces closing around the globe, digital accounts payable continuity is now critical...time is not a luxury.

In response to global national emergencies, DataServ can initialize AP automation solutions for you in days, not weeks or months, and offer quick relief with digital accounts payable processes.

Document Intake

Our Digital Mailroom remains fully operational and is ready to start receiving and intaking not only paper invoices but also any documents coming into an organization via email or other electronic means. We deliver one digital document stream back to clients. In fact, DataServ is advancing our automation process right now with significant enhancements in our Digital Mailroom to deliver value in the form of a shorter document intake process, improved Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data capture & validation, and expanded auto-learning capabilities.

Quick Start to Digital Workflow

If your AP process is not yet automated, you are not alone! But tracking down the right people to enter, code, and then secure the right invoice approvals might be impossible right now for you. DataServ's Quick Start approach can have digital workflow based on one digital document stream live in just days with the following in place:

  • Automated email workflow with mobile capabilities
  • Automatic initial routing based on vendor
  • Distributed digital invoice coding
  • 100% digital, single-stream document intake with validated OCR capture
  • Exception-based AP process
  • Documented, tailored approval matrix
  • Identified potential duplicate invoices & vendor not found issues
  • Change management tools through our Rapid Adoption Kit

View our Quick Start Overview video

Quick Start Video

Benefits to Quick Start

30+ days additional visibility into financial liabilities
Improved cash flow management decision making
Increase workforce flexibility to reassign workload and approvals when needed
Ensure vendors are paid and deliver supply chain continuity
Access your documents securely from anywhere at anytime
Prevent mail and electronic documents from piling up
Strengthen financial controls
Gain metrics to better manage remote work




If colleagues with the needed authority are not in the office, invoices stack up while waiting for approvers to return. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With DataServ's digital accounts payable solution, colleagues can approve invoices anywhere, at any time. No problem. Invoices can be automatically available for mobile approval, along with invoice details, an image of the original invoice, and any discussion items. Our streamlined display makes it easy for one-click approvals or rejections.

View our Mobile Approval Overview video

Mobile Approval Video

Automated Two and Three-Way Matching

AP departments that rely on a manual invoice matching process to the purchase order and potentially a receipt are facing a nightmarish paperwork scenario. In many cases, there won’t be anyone there to receive the invoice or the receipt. Much less match them with the purchase order so that the vendor can get paid and operations can continue.

If this rings true, DataServ has the relief needed. Our AutoVouch solution uses the latest in artificial intelligence to automatically match purchase orders to invoices and receipts to enable payment and eliminate the need for human interaction with complex invoice transactions.

View our AutoVouch Overview video

AutoVouch Video

We understand that everyone is working during some very trying times. Our clients have found they are more comfortable because they are able to adapt to emergencies with automated digital accounts payable. We take our responsibility to help clients in this effort very seriously.