Companies seeking to improve payment processing, take advantage of vendor discounts, and provide greater financial reporting visibility and control are rapidly embracing automation. As a leader in SaaS accounts payable automation for more than 27 years, DataServ has successfully helped clients achieve the benefits of AP automation quickly and inexpensively. Several companies have become DataServ clients after having failed at previous automation attempts. Based on their experience, as well as our own, we’ve documented what we believe are the top five reasons attempts at accounts payable automation derail:

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Automating a Poorly Designed Business Process/Not Following Best Practices -

Spending time and money automating a poorly designed process will not give you the results you want. You have to start with a good foundation. Additionally, not using your project to install “best practices” tailored for your unique business situation is a missed opportunity.

Tatiana Lvova, Business Process Manager at Arbill, DataServ's competitive advantage is, "Their dedicated resources to manage this AP automation project and follow up on the project’s timeline. They also offer initial training and ongoing support at no extra cost, and that’s something that really appealed to us.”

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Lack of Effective Change Management (employees, vendors) -

Successful change management requires good communication, effective training and support, a well-conceived and executed plan, a leader, and an automation provider dedicated to your success.


Assuming “The ERP Does That”-

We hear many stories about how the accounting people were told “don’t worry, the ERP does that,” only to find out later that it does not really fit your operating process, or worse, the functionality does not exist or has to be purchased as a separate add-on module. In many of these situations, the accounting group is left hanging – never a good situation.

DataServ specializes in providing automation for the manufacturing and distribution industries.

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Failing to Build a Solution that Handles All Forms of Invoices, Particularly Paper-

For all of the talk about EDI, supplier portals, P-Cards, electronic invoicing, etc., the vast majority of invoices (77%) are still paper based. This is according to a study by Aberdeen Group. Translating invoices from whatever source into clean data at the beginning of the process is critical to successful automation efforts.



Taking Too Long to Deploy -

Budget priorities, leadership direction and IT resources all change over time. Projects that take many months (or even years) to implement rarely maintain the focus, energy, and funding necessary to deliver the promised benefits. Target to deliver real, tangible results in 90 days or less to ensure success.


Download "Top 5 Reasons AP Automation Projects Derail"