If you’re not familiar with SaaS (Software as a Service) - commonly referred to as cloud computing - you might be wondering why you should choose SaaS over traditional software. Why are so many companies deciding to purchase SaaS versus traditional software applications?

Typically, clients cite five main reasons for choosing SaaS over traditional software. (We could list quite a few more, but hey – you’re busy. We’ll hit the high points.)

  1. It costs less.  Companies can achieve significant savings by avoiding the cost associated with infrastructure and occupancy (hardware is housed by the vendor), as well as lower electricity and implementation costs.


  2. It’s less complex to set up and use.  Since the service is provided in the cloud, your implementation typically requires less IT support and coordination.  This greatly simplifies your start up and ongoing use.


  3. Faster start up. Typically, SaaS initialization is 90 days or less, which allows clients to begin reaping the benefits of SaaS much faster.


  4. ROI in 12 months or less. No, really – we’re not kidding.


  5. More productive employees. With fewer hours spent in coordinating complex software installations and project team meetings, your people can concentrate on those items that drive value.  Refining business rules, improving workflow and vendor performance are areas where clients often report their greatest gains. 

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