In our two-plus decades of experience offering Purchase to Pay automation solutions, we often see companies begin to address their purchase order (PO) process shortly after they have implemented their accounts payable automation solution. More and more organizations are realizing how cumbersome it is to implement a PO and requisition (PO Req) process inside their ERP, because it generally requires multiple screens to complete a single PO request. Going through multiple screens to input these details is time consuming and burdensome and leads to a great deal of unnecessary additional pain on a daily basis for AP processers.  

One option to alleviate this very manual and time-consuming process would be to complement your automated AP process with an automated, cloud-based PO workflow solution. An automated PO Req workflow solution will provide you with a simple, common-sense user interface to efficiently request, route, approve, audit, and process either requisitions or POs. One such example can be found in DataServ's Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solution, which can help increase efficiencies by providing a drop-down selection of choices as a user begins inputting information into the selected cell. By contrast, most ERP’s don’t have autofill capabilities. In addition, DataServ's PO Req SaaS solution is mobile friendly, supports subsystem data integration, and provides enhancements for new updates without major ERP code changes/testing.  

To give you a visual idea of how this might work with DataServ, take a look at the screenshots below.

Notice in this screenshot the entire PO request process can be handled from a single, easy-to-use screen.

DataServ PO Requisition Form

Once created, the PO requisition goes through a customized approval process that is set up to meet your exact needs.

DataServ Pending Approval View

Even if you’re not next to your PC, approvals can happen on your smartphone or tablet. 

For compliance purposes, having a detailed audit trail is incredibly important. Below is an example showing each phase in the approval process and who made the approval.

DataServ Audit Summary

This type of optimized PO Req solution utilizes any standard web browser to display everything you need on a single screen. Any users with appropriate permissions will have complete control and more visibility throughout the entire process. The best part is that all your customized workflow can be built based on your existing business rules, making it easy for your users while ensuring compliance with your PO and vendor policies.

There is most definitely an element of change management when deciding to use an automation partner for PO Req rather than attempting to build a custom module inside your ERP. When you’re evaluating your shortlist, make sure to find a vendor who will help you through this change. That service, as well as comprehensive system training, should come at no additional cost.  

To summarize, the primary benefits of automating PO Req outside of your ERP are: 

  • A simpler, common-sense interface 

  • That efficiency can be accomplished on one screen instead of many 

  • Improved control 

  • Enhanced visibility 

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