A 2013 Brousseau & Associates survey, conducted in conjunction with document automation solutions provider ibml, showed that organizations continue to expand their use of scanning and document capture.

While it is definitely encouraging to see more organizations getting on board with document capture technology, we believe many businesses are not thinking broadly enough about the use of these technologies, particularly in the area of financial operations. In fact, DataServ’s extensive experience in this area has consistently shown that an effective scanning and capture strategy is the fastest way for organizations to achieve 100 percent electronic invoice data for their accounts payable processing, all without the headache, expense, and years it would take to achieve this goal using supplier networks or other less effective procurement strategies.

We’ll spend the next three blog posts exploring this study and identifying for you how we can quickly and economically bring the value of 100 percent electronic invoice data receipt to your accounts payable automation process. The topics we will cover include:

  • The significant gap in the understanding of scan and document capture technology, and the use of it in invoices and other payment processes. 
  • How scan and capture technology is generally being deployed at the wrong end of the business process.
  • Why outsourcing your invoice receipt function may be your best solution.

We’d also like to answer your questions about document capture technology, so send us your questions through comments below or via Twitter (we’re @DataServ). Stay tuned, because this is going to change the way you think about invoice processing and provide a better solution than supplier portals and networks.

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