Do you remember that old song: “You say to-ma-to, and I say to-mah-to…”? After reading a recent report from Deloitte on the challenges Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) face in creating a successful team from a multigenerational group of employees, I have a feeling CFOs sing that tune every day.

As you can imagine, one of the biggest challenges with a multigenerational team is finding the technological solutions that work for everyone. While technology use in almost every aspect of their lives – and especially their work - is second nature to the Generation Y (Millennials), Generation X will embrace the latest innovations only if you crack their skepticism and convince them it won’t take too long to learn and will improve their career-life balance. Baby Boomers – in many cases the executives in the room – need to know how technology will create efficiencies and save time and money.

Fortunately, DataServ can help CFOs sing a happier tune (maybe even “We Are Family”!) with SaaS and its innovative solutions that work across generations.

  • Tech-savvy Generation Y (which includes those born 1982-2005) understands and embraces Cloud Computing as a way of life, so SaaS – and the seamless workflow and ongoing updates it affords – makes perfect sense to them.  What a Generation Y manager might say about a SaaS solution: “With DataServ’s solution, we reduced time and effort by having immediate access to all documents via a web browser.  DataServ integrated with our AR management system and provided one-click access to documents.”
  • Generation X (employees born between 1961 and 1981 fall into this group) appreciates the fully customized solutions and easy learning curve that allows them to quickly grasp solutions that meet their needs and get them on their way.  What a Gen-Xer might say about SaaS: “The system is easy to use and manage, because DataServ provides a talented support team to quickly respond to client needs.”
  • For the Baby Boomers (still the largest group of employees, at 38% of the workforce, Boomers are those workers born between 1943 and 1960), usually the leaders looking for a strong return on investment when it comes to technology, the enhanced visibility and control SaaS offers translates into efficient and effective solutions that their teams embrace and use to their fullest. Typical Baby Boomer feedback after implementing SaaS: “The DataServ solution has provided approximately 30% in efficiency in the departments where it’s been implemented.” 

Has SaaS helped your multigenerational team improve performance? What do you think are the biggest technological challenges facing each generation in the workplace, and how do you envision SaaS helping address those challenges?

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