“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” While Abraham Lincoln made that phrase famous, it originated with the Benedictine monk, John LydgateHere’s what is true – no one, and nothing, can be all things to all people all of the time.  


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The same is true of AP Automation. Any solution provider that promises that their software solves all of your problems is ... shall we just call it “overly optimistic?” Because the truth is that, while no company is so unique that the majority of their problems can’t be solved by a single product, no company is so run-of-the-mill that a single out-of-the-box product is going to solve every problem big or small.  

I’ve always believed that customization – reinventing the wheel for every car just because the model was just a little different than the others – isn’t the right approach. It’s not the most reliable or cost-efficient choice for our clients. That’s why the quote at the beginning of this blog resonates so strongly with me. I know if we had set out with the idea that we were going to be that 100% solution for everyone, we would have either failed or we would have to lie to a whole lot of people.  

Instead, here are a few truths that have been an important part of our success. 

1. We Tailor Our Solutions 

While no solution can be the perfect fit for every situation, we were determined to be the best solution possible for as many different scenarios as possible.  

It was actually an experience I had early in my working life that formed my approach in this area. Working for Famous Barr (now Macy’s), I got to see firsthand the magic of tailoring. Starting with a shirt that was basically the right size and shape but not what you would call a perfect fit, our tailor could make the sleeves a little longer or shorter, take in the side seams, or let out the neck band and that shirt would fit as though it had been custom-made for the customer.  

Out-of-the-box software is a lot like an off-the-rack garment. Since companies, like people, share a lot of common needs, shapes, and preferences, there is little or nothing to be gained by working from “whole cloth.” So just as shirt makers design to accommodate future tailoring needs by concealing extra fabric in the cuffs, we build user-defined settings and tolerances into our software that allow the solution to be “tailored” to fit clients needs and preferences. 

2. Our Agnostic Approach to ERPs and Integration Experience Work to Your Advantage 

We’ve seen ERPs rise to the top and we’ve seen some that were promising end up not making the cut. But that isn’t the reason we elect to work with many ERPs. We believe clients should not be limited to which AP automation solution they can have based on their prior choice of ERP.  

We have integrated with dozens upon dozens of ERP systemsWe specialize in clients who use more than one ERP. Maintaining our independence gives us the flexibility to not only serve a wider range of clients, but also to give them the confidence and freedom to choose an Accounts Payable solution for the functionality they need without concern for the integration they need to make it work with their ERP

3. We are Innovative, but We Protect Clients from Bleeding Edge 

I love technology, always have. But I don’t believe that your financial systems should depend on a business use that has not been tested and proven. So, while we are always evaluating what comes out of the “bleeding edge,” we don’t incorporate it into our offerings until we know for certain that it is applicable and reliable.  

That means sometimes we must be patient, or later to market than other providers. And sometimes it means we’ve invested resources into tech advances that we’ve determined are not quite advanced enough to be dependable. As I wrote in Yes, Artificial Intelligence is an Essential Component of Automation, but It Should Leave You in the Driver’s Seat” we are always striving for the ideal balance of advanced technology and human judgment. 

4. Were a People-Focused Technology Partner, and that Means We Can Pick Up Where Other Solutions Leave Off 

If there is anything I love more than technology, it’s people. People are unique and irreplaceable. No matter how advanced our technology becomes, I’ve learned that it will never replace people. Every time something is delegated to technology, it just frees our people to master something else.  

That’s why we are determined to be a people company first and a technology company second. From our Client Success team, to our Digital Mailroom team, to our software engineers and administrative team, our focus is using technology, not to replace people, but to elevate them so that they can do meaningful, challenging work rather than repetitive tasks that do not require their unique abilities.  

That people-first focus is important to our success in tailoring the solution to your specifications, since it’s our people working with your people who make the decisions about what will make the software best fit your needs and preferences.  

It’s also the reason we can help companies who are tied into a supplier network and struggling with non-compliant documents. Our Digital Mailroom team, combined with our intuitive dashboard, and the ability to integrate with any ERP system, creates a tech/touch balance that is the best of all worlds. Whether you use 100% of the DataServ solution or choose to initialize one component that supplements your current environment, we guarantee you will receive valuable results.   

Thanks for ‘listening’ to a few of our shared beliefs here at DataServ. They have been an important part of how we’ve helped so many clients through the change management process and retained their business for such a long timeLooking for more information on how to choose the right automation solution provider? Then, I highly recommend our Buyer’s Guide. 

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