We talk a lot about the four areas most affected by change in the P2P digital transformation process (in fact, I wrote about it just recently here): people, processes, technology, and data. We cover processes, technology, and data pretty extensively on this blog – after all, we are a software company! But when it comes down to it, it’s really the people who make the most significant impact. They are the ones using technology and creating processes day in and day out. They are the ones inspiring change and coming up with solutions to the most advanced problems in the P2P industry.


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With that in mind, we want to introduce you to some of our people. These are the folks at DataServ who are working tirelessly to make our clients’ jobs easier by eliminating manual invoice touches, automating P2P workflows, and processing documents and images – just to name a few!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Cindy Willborn, Digital Mailroom Training Team Member and Initialization Team Member.

Name: Cindy Willborn
Title: Digital Mailroom Training Team Member and Initialization Team Member
How long have you been at DataServ? 15 years

What is your background?
Previously, I worked in banking. After staying home with my children for a few years, I joined the DataServ Digital Mailroom in 2004 as a training team member.

What do you do at DataServ?
I am on the initialization team for new clients, and I am a member of the Digital Mailroom training team. As an initialization team member, I handle onboarding new clients and serve as their liaison between software development and OCR data capture to make sure their document processing needs and standards are met, while keeping them current on the latest technology.

With that knowledge, I also train our Digital Mailroom employees to support new clients when they go live with DataServ, including bringing the team up to speed on the tailoring we provide each client. Our solution tailoring allows each client to shape our technology to fit their needs, which results in a unique solution that is a perfect match for each organization.

I also ensure our Digital Mailroom experts are current with best practices on document indexing for both new and existing clients.

How do you bring value to DataServ clients?
As an advocate for our new clients and as their liaison to our software development team, one of my main responsibilities is to provide client education on our Invoice Processing Machine™ (IPM). This helps set and manage our clients’ expectations for data capture. IPM uses the latest in SaaS OCR technology to digitize invoices – no matter what format they arrive in – and automatically capture relevant information from the documents. We are currently making a lot of improvements to our next release of IPM 2.0, and it’s important for clients to understand what IPM and OCR are designed to do and what they aren’t designed to do. Data capture technology is always evolving and changing, and I help update and maintain our best practices, so clients don’t have to keep their own OCR experts on staff. I’m happy to share that knowledge with our new clients and offer training to their teams so we appropriately set and meet or exceed their expectations.

In addition, I oversee the “human touch” step when providing quality assurance checks. Our 5-step QA process ensures that we provide QA checks throughout the Digital Mailroom process. After our clients’ documents are prepped, scanned, validated, and classified by our system, we run human verification checks to review all values captured during the OCR process by matching against the original image and client-supplied system data. We use both industry standards and client-tailored validation rules to accomplish intelligent identification of bad data.

What are you most proud of at DataServ?
I am very proud of how much we have improved our technology since I started 15 years ago. In the beginning, invoices were routed to their approvers in alphabetically grouped divisions as images. We could only capture header data, but now we can capture detailed line items, complete with part numbers. It’s amazing to see how far we have come, both at DataServ and as an industry.

Do you have any predictions on the future of document imaging or the AP industry?
I’m looking forward to when we can add back-end logic after data capture. It will allow us to completely tailor our solutions to our clients’ needs and provide faster turnaround times and high touchless AutoVouch™ rates.

What’s something fun everyone should know about you?
I love to spend time with my three daughters and my husband, Brad (see photo!). I love to camp, kayak, hike, and visit my husband’s family in San Antonio.

Cindy Willborn Hiking

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