Jeff is on vacation and as usual, he is discovering new beers to taste and enjoy. This time he’s in... sunny Florida! That's right, as hard to believe as that is, he discovered this beer in Florida. Called Caramel Cream Ale, it is brewed by Due South Brewing Co. in Boynton Beach, FL.

Here’s what Jeff had to say about the beer:

Cream Ale is a bit of a marketing term rather than a brewing term as there is no cream in the recipe. It really refers to the creamy mouthfeel of a beer style, so that was intriguing to me. Plus, the term caramel usually refers to the level of roasting used with the malted grain in a beer. Caramel malt is one of my favorite ingredients. 

In this case, the maltiness of this caramel with the creamy mouthfeel make this ale an excellent combination! Smooth and balanced, not overly hopped and it actually left the impression of a hint of caramel after each drink!

At this time, the beer is only available in Florida, but check it out here: Due South Brewing. Or, if you are in Florida, the beer is served at more than 150 restaurants or bars.  Ask for it and enjoy!

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