We know how it goes: once your company realizes the risks inherent in your manual workflow and understands the benefits of automating your AP processes, you want it done YESTERDAY. Unfortunately, once you start looking around for an Accounts Payable Invoice Automation (APIA) partner, you find out that it takes months for many APIA vendors to get you automated and achieving a return on investment. With the end of 2021 looming, you want to realize savings and decrease your risk immediately. Here at DataServ, we know that ROI is a priority, and we believe time is of the essence when it comes to APIA transformation.


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Since time is money, we will get straight to the point! Here is what you need to know about DataServ’s Quick Start feature.

What is Quick Start?

If your Accounts Payable process is paper based or not yet fully automated, you are more vulnerable to fraud, missed payment deadlines, lost receipts and invoices, and many other inefficiencies and risks. APIA has become a priority for many businesses, and the automation trend is only growing. To keep up with competitors, to reduce risks, and to realize savings, companies around the world are rushing to automate their AP workflow. DataServ's Quick Start approach can get your digital workflow based on one digital document stream live in just days. That includes the following features:

  • Automated email workflow with mobile capabilities
  • Automatic initial routing based on vendor
  • Distributed digital invoice coding
  • 100% digital, single-stream document intake with validated OCR capture
  • Exception-based AP process
  • Documented, tailored approval matrix
  • Identified potential duplicate invoices & vendor not found issues
  • Change management tools through our Rapid Adoption Kit

How is Quick Start different from competitors’ initialization process?

DataServ’s Solution Delivery team partners with you to tailor our solution to fit your needs. Other APIA vendors have a static solution that they offer to everyone, even if that solution doesn’t match the specific needs of the client. At DataServ, we bend our technology to fit you—not the other way around. That flexibility allows us to speed up our initialization process so that those clients that value rapid transformation can see the results of an automated workflow in just days, rather than weeks or months.

What are the benefits of Quick Start?

What were your company’s goals for 2021? Even though the year is almost over, you still have time to make major updates to your system, realize lots of savings, and make your AP workforce happier and more productive. Quick Start can make your end of year reporting a major cause for celebration. Here are some of the many benefits to getting automated quickly with DataServ:

  • 30+ days additional visibility into financial liabilities
  • Improved cash flow management decision making
  • Increase workforce flexibility to reassign workload and approvals when needed
  • Ensure vendors are paid and deliver supply chain continuity
  • Access your documents securely from anywhere at anytime
  • Prevent mail and electronic documents from piling up
  • Strengthen financial controls
  • Gain metrics to better manage remote work

Do you want your AP workflow to be automated before the calendar flips to 2022? Contact us today to learn more about Quick Start.

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