Is your company struggling to manage a master vendor file? There's now a solution to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and further workflow automation – DataServ’s Vendor Setup Request.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides a simple, common-sense user interface that works with an existing ERP or financial system to efficiently request the setup of a new vendor. Working from anywhere, including mobile devices, the Vendor Setup Request Solution guarantees consistent vendor master data through the use of AP automation workflow based on a company’s defined, unique vendor setup rules.

Additionally, the secure Vendor Setup Request Solution increases visibility to the entire vendor approval process by:

  • Allowing employees to submit new vendor requests and/or edit information online without using ERP licenses or sending paper requests to the purchasing department for data entry;
  • Giving requestors only the appropriate vendor naming conventions, assuring compliance with company ERP standards;
  • Restricting user entry only to their appropriate cost centers and accounts, reducing the possibility of miscoding and giving finance greater control.
  • Providing an approval process for all submissions that reinforces your procedures and policies.

To learn more about managing even the most unwieldy master vendor file with our Vendor Setup Request Solution, contact DataServ by phone or email.

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