When is the best time to provide partial payment of an invoice? As accounts payable experts, we’ve all asked this question at least once in our professional lifetimes. To help answer this age-old dilemma, we prompted our Dataserv community of users like you to provide feedback on the best time to short pay an invoice. To few the full question, please visit our Community page.

The question, multiple-choice options, and results are below:

When it comes to short paying an AP invoice, what is your policy?

A. We don't allow short pay, vendors resubmit = 36%

B. Only with certain vendors/vendor types = 9%

C. It's the judgment of each AP team member, but we limit the amount = 45%

D. Our vendors are all perfect on every invoice = 9%

As you can see, most respondents (54%) do allow short pay, but with limitations. Just under half of the respondents (36%) don’t allow invoices to be short paid and require their vendors to resubmit a new invoice with the correct amount, and 9% have a good sense of humor.

Going forward, we want to present the results of our outgoing DataServ-ey question every two weeks when we put a fresh one up so that all those who took the time to respond can see the final tally. First, however, we want to know how you would prefer to see these results. We can post them here in our blog like we are doing today; or email them to you directly. Please email us at with your preferred delivery method and we will let popular opinion dictate how we present this data in the future.

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