We want to thank you for taking the time to respond to our most recent DataServ-ey question, and we invite you to head to our Community page and offer your feedback to our brand new question, which seeks to learn which self-service features in user management accounts payable (AP) professionals most prefer.

Our outgoing question and the percentage of responses each choice received are as follows:

If you could have greater visibility into your AP process, what would you most want to see?

Workflow bottlenecks = 17%

Stalled invoices = 28%

Duplicate invoices = 11%

Matching exceptions = 5%

Vendors not found = 11%

All of the above = 28%

While it would be nice to have visibility into everything (as over a quarter of respondents indicated), the clear leader from this list was stalled invoices. Being able to easily see which invoices are hung up awaiting approval allows an AP processor to take the appropriate steps to get them paid in a timely fashion and avoid late fees, and an AP automation solution that can provide such notifications is worth its weight in gold.

The new DataServ-ey question on our Community page will remain there for the next two weeks. It takes only a few seconds to respond, so please do so if you get the opportunity. We greatly value your feedback.

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