Every two weeks we present a new DataServ-ey question on our Community page and provide results of our outgoing question. The question and multiple choice options we posted on February 15, along with the percentage of votes each option received, are as follows:

If you could have one enhancement to your current DataServ reporting, what would it be? 

  • Enhanced user interface = 17%

  • Enhanced performance = 26%

  • Better stability = 22%

  • More standard report choices = 13%

  • More ad hoc/custom reports = 22%

These results are interesting, as none of these enhancements won by a landslide. The results are all pretty evenly dispersed throughout the four multiple-choice selections. Still, this is valuable data for our product development team. We thank you for taking the time to answer this question, as this data will prove to be extremely helpful as we build new product enhancements in the future.  

Our new question is currently live on the Community page and reads as follows:

Which best practice for non-AP user adoption worked best for you during the initialization of your AP automation solution? 

  • Early correspondence that let your team know that a new process was coming
  • Involving representatives from various groups in the Tailoring of the system
  • A system demonstration and a Q&A session
  • Additional discussion during training sessions

We will provide the results of this DataServ-ey question on March 13, when our next question goes live. If you have any questions or comments, send them to


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