The results of our first DataServ-ey question of 2016 are in, and a new question is now live on our Community page. We hope you will take a moment to respond to this new new DataServ-ey, which seeks to learn what functionality accounts payable professionals most feel would provide greater visibility into their accounts payable (AP) process. There are a bevy of choices to select from, and this data is extremely valuable to us because it will help us enhance our own AP automation solution to fit our clients’ needs. We do take these results seriously.

As we mentioned in our first DataServ-ey results blog , we will post the results of our outgoing question every two weeks once the new question goes live.

Our outgoing question and the percentage of responses each choice received are as follows:

At your company, which is the most common reason for short paying an invoice?

Price variance = 16%

Quantity variance = 20%

Freight/fuel surcharges = 16%

Damaged goods = 4%

Other = 44%

We selected multiple-choice options that our experience has shown are the most typical reasons AP departments short pay invoices, but just under half of respondents had “other” reasons why they implement this strategy. Quantity variance got nearly a quarter of the selections, while price variance, another issue that is all-too-common in almost every AP department, registered just below that at 16%.

Once again, our new question is on our Community page and will remain there for the next two weeks. It will take less than 30 seconds for you to respond, so please do so if you get the opportunity. We greatly value your feedback.

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