In our eBook, The Buyer’s Guide to Choosing P2P Automation Technology, we walk readers through the process of selecting a Purchase-to-Pay automation solution and partner. We cover everything from types of automation solutions to managing stakeholders to setting realistic goals.


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When considering accounts payable automation solutions and the right technology partner, it’s important to ask the right questions before making a decision. Don’t stress ... your requirements for a successful solution will drive your questions. For example, if you require a vendor that will also handle change management at your organization, you should include questions regarding their plans for onboarding and what sort of training they offer.

In the eBook, we list 12 questions to ask vendors when evaluating P2P automation solutions. But it wouldn’t be transparent if we didn’t answer those questions ourselves, right? All 12 are too many to cover in this blog, so I picked the top five you should ask potential vendors:

1. Will this solution be able to handle 100% of our invoices and to what degree of accuracy?

We use OCR technology combined with our Digital Mailroom to guarantee 100% invoice processing with 99% accuracy. We can handle all incoming documents from your current processes – no matter whether it’s via mail, courier, remote capture, email, EDI, or any other format – and make them available to you in a way that is tailored specifically for your business. Our batch capabilities can handle large scanning jobs and provide you access to the images when and where you need them.

2. Will this solution require us to change our vendor’s process or our vendor agreements/relationships?

We understand that any requirements that change the way you work with your vendors could impact those relationships. We will work with you to understand your requirements when it comes to vendor management, and we can tailor our solution to meet your and their needs. As a buyer of sometimes unique goods/services as part of my marketing role at DataServ, this really hits home to me. I have no interest in beating up my vendors to fall in line with an AP process that doesn’t work for them.

3. Who is accountable for the results from the capture and validation process?

We are! We eliminate manual capture and entry on your end. Our Digital Mailroom deploys a five-step quality assurance process, which is included in your automation process in all cases. Our Digital Mailroom experts perform these steps all day, every day – and not to brag, but they’re really good at it.

4. Is the solution provider’s digital mailroom integrated or outsourced?

Our Digital Mailroom is fully integrated into our solution. We’ve mentioned our five-step QA process that ensures top quality image and data capture. In addition, our Invoice Processing Machine™ uses the latest in SaaS OCR technology to compile invoices into clean digital data that can be used in our AutoVouch solution. AutoVouch deploys the latest in AI and process automation technology to systematically eliminate human interaction during the pre-ERP invoice matching process.

5. What is the provider’s role in getting our system set up and running?

At DataServ, we tailor the solution to your needs, initialize the solution with you, and help you capture your tribal knowledge as part of workflow documentation. Best practices are baked into every client solution. We don’t leave until the system is working, and our comprehensive initialization services are all performed at a fixed fee, so you won’t have any surprises.

Want to see the other 7 questions you should ask potential P2P automation partners? Contact us.


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