A Software as a Service (SaaS) accounts payable automation solution should be multi-functional and able to solve a multitude of problems. Indeed, cloud-based solutions like this that include a fully functioning digital mailroom with optical character recognition (OCR) are robust enough to sooth many different pain points.

This is underlined by the fact that two Fortune 500 companies, a healthcare provider and a major distributor, both found solace in their AP departments with the same SaaS solution despite having three very different AP challenges: the healthcare company was dealing with a big merger that doubled their size in addition to the fact that they had a decentralized AP environment. The distribution company, on the other hand, had originally selected a traditional software (aka, on-premises software) solution that lacked the flexibility, scalability and adaptability to meet their growth model and was end-of-life.  

The SaaS AP automation solution that both companies chose included a digital mailroom with OCR.

To learn exactly how this SaaS solution revolutionized the respective AP departments of these two companies, DataServ invites you to attend “3 Challenges, 2 Companies, 1 Solution,” an educational breakout session we will be hosting at the upcoming Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay (APP2P) Conference and Expo, the largest, most comprehensive event dedicated to AP.

The APP2P Conference and Expo is not to be missed by AP professionals because it brings experienced practitioners and innovative strategists together under one roof. This year’s event will run from May 23-25 at the Disney Contemporary Resort in Orlando, FL.

The highlight of the show is the educational breakout sessions, and we will host “Three Challenges, Two Companies, One Solution” with practitioners from the two great companies alluded to above. This session takes place on May 24th at 1:30pm Eastern in the Fantasia C room. If you’re attending the conference, we urge you to check out this interactive presentation (we will take lots of questions and encourage audience interaction).

We promise that there will be no sales pitches whatsoever in this session. The content will be exclusively educational and thought-leadership driven. If you attend, we promise you will walk away enlightened.

If you can’t attend “3 Challenges, 2 Companies, 1 Solution” in person, drop us a line at and we will be happy to send you a copy of the presentation once the session has concluded. 

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