If you need accounts payable (AP) automation for your organization but can never seem to get it off the ground, you are not out of luck. Thanks to cloud technologies and smarter Software as a Service (SaaS) software, there are options for any budget. The best providers will offer you the ability to start slowly with AP automation and gradually evolve to the full solution at a pace you feel comfortable with.

For example, we have noticed a lot of organizations are initially interested in the Digital Mailroom and optical character recognition components (known as the Invoice Processing Machine TM [IPM]) of the DataServ Purchase to Pay (P2P) solution, and we are completely on board with allowing these interested parties to try IPM on a standalone basis without purchasing our entire P2P solution. We even have a name for this methodology – “bite-sized chunks.”

The benefits of the bite-sized chunks concept is that it allows an organization to: 

  • Get an AP automation project off the ground by starting small with a single function like IPM.
  • Focus on improving a single process, such as eliminating manual data entry.
  • Roll out an entire P2P solution to a small subsidiary to see how it performs on a lesser scale before implementing it at the larger parent company. This eliminates the risk of enterprise-wide failure. 
  • Work with the AP automation provider to establish a roadmap for the future and take a step-by-step approach to building a complete solution. 

Some organizations that already have automation components in place soon realize that even though they’ve built workflow, they may still have a process that is driven by manual data entry. This is the exact instance when it would make sense to enhance the process by adding a single P2P component that captures and cleanses data on the front end of the AP process and eliminates all manual entry.

So, if you’re struggling to get an AP automation plan put into action, this bite-sized chunk approach might just be what you need to get off the dime. Begin by improving a single process that is a particularly cumbersome pain point in your organization, and build from there at your own pace until you have a complete solution in place. If you have any questions on how the bite-sized chunk approach works and can benefit your organization, contact us at


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