Have you ever heard someone in your AP department say, “we’ve always done it this way”? It’s a common trap, but automating all or even just some of the AP process will leave your team with more time to innovate and future-proof your business.


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Getting your team and leadership to get on board with AP Automation can feel overwhelming, but we have some tips for you. 

But first…

Why Digital Transformation Matters

Digital transformation is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot, but what it means is taking outdated, manual processes and digitizing them, or rather, automating them. With a heavier focus on business innovation and value creation for accounting departments, getting more time back in your day will make it so your team can focus on innovation instead of invoices.

How to Get Your Team’s Support

In short, AP Automation takes those tedious tasks like spreadsheet sifting and billing code management and eliminates them altogether, reducing human error and fraud. Not to mention, it will fast-track approval times, remove duplicate payments, and improve cash flow.

Sounds like a dream come true.

So, how do you get your team on board? Start a conversation. Discuss what the pains of your job are, what parts of the process are the most frustrating and the projects that your coworkers would like to do more of. Heck, show them this video.

Once you have the backing of your team, you’ll have an easier time getting buy-in from leadership.

How to Get Leadership Buy-in

You’ve got the support of your team behind you, now it’s time to take it to the boss. It’s important to remember that hard numbers and figures will be your best resource in gaining the approval of leadership for a new tool. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to preparing for the pitch.

1. Focus on the biggest advantage

Accountants who aren’t bogged down with manually processing invoices have time to do these things: 

  1. Negotiate better payment terms with vendors
  2. Identify and remove bottlenecks
  3. Reconcile company cash-flow projections with planned initiatives
  4. Move payments into an ACH system
  5. Explore virtual-card payment options that will give you cash back

2. Compile the data

Luckily, AP automation isn’t brand new, so there are a lot of resources available to make a case to switch. Look for a couple case studies of companies of a similar size and industry, pick some compelling industry specific statistics, and even leverage your own company data. Here are some more sources to help you generate compelling data: AP Automation Index and AP ROI Estimator

How to Get Started

Let’s imagine you got buy-in from all parties. Congrats! DataServ is here to help your company through every step of the automation process. Whether you’re automating all of your processes or just a few, our solutions are guaranteed to free up some time and spare you some headaches.

Contact us to schedule a consultation! 


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