The AutoVouch™ option in DataServ’s AP Automation software has become quite popular in the last couple of years, and we get a lot of questions from potential clients about what advantages it can provide for their AP process.

Before we share why your company will benefit from using AutoVouch™, let’s take a moment to describe how it works.

What is AutoVouch™?

AutoVouch™ is DataServ’s, “Pre-ERP”, AI-powered two or three-way match capability to automate the manual AP matching work for P.O. based invoices. The captured invoice data, which can be received in any form or format from your suppliers, is converted to a standardized single stream of digital data that can then be used for automated matching to the information from your purchase order and receipt data files. It is then validated using sophisticated rules, tolerances and data to automatically vouch invoices without human touch!

All transactions that match (based upon pre-set rules and tolerances you establish) automatically flow into your ERP system accurately vouched and ready to be scheduled for payment. 

Imagine the benefits of fully automating 50 - 90% of your AP transactions with zero human touches involved in the entire process!

AutoVouch™ does not replace ERP matching – it performs this function for your ERP and provides an automated workflow to easily manage exceptions. 

What are the Benefits of Using AutoVouch™?

  1. Lower cost TCO per invoice

  2. Increased matching accuracy on all invoices

  3. No more manual receipt, keying, reviewing, matching, or filing of P.O.-based invoices

  4. Timesaving, intuitive exception-based workflows ease the process for any that don’t match

  5. Eliminates multiple ERP-based challenges (I.e. multiple ERP systems / instances; changing ERP systems, etc.) since it’s a Pre-ERP and ERP agnostic solution that can integrate with any third-party system 

  6. Improve staff productivity and facilitates continuous improvements by helping identify and prioritize the opportunities for it, and freeing your team's time to work more with minds rather than their finger

  7. Receive earlier visibility into liabilities, up to 30 days

  8. Leverage 25 years of AI-powered learning and best practices

Bonus benefit: AutoVouch™ increases your opportunity to realize vendor discounts!

Would Automating Invoice Matching Make Your Team More Efficient?

If your AP team spends too much time on invoice matching, consider implementing a solution that gives them invaluable time back in their day to focus on higher-value tasks.

For more information on how AutoVouch can work for your organization, click here or contact us at   

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