We were pleased to see the recently released study from Aberdeen Group regarding how organizations are gaining control, eliminating paper and saving money by implementing improved travel management processes. Aberdeen Group’s study validates many of the benefits we see our clients achieve as they implement automated expense reporting solutions, including: increased visibility into travel and expenses, better reporting, improved forecasting, and expense-spend analysis. These very real benefits are within the reach of any organization seeking to invest in expense report automation. However, while the report does a good job of identifying the benefits achieved by top performing companies, it does not provide much insight into the ways in which companies can assure their success.

The best technology will not live up to expectations without effective business and change management processes, so in addition to the study findings, DataServ suggests that companies:

  • Review and improve your expense reporting procedures before you automate.
  • Review the proposed expense reporting solution for ease of use by your people. Difficult to use or non-intuitive screen designs hinder acceptance and result in decreased productivity.
  • Don’t purchase an “over-engineered” solution - Pick an expense reporting software solution that is right for your organization. Many organizations can achieve superior performance by implementing a simple, easy-to-use solution. Look not only for ease of use in submitting reports, but also workflow (making sure it’s mobile accessible), with standard reports that get you the information you need right out of the box.

A travel and expense management solution that saves money, reduces hassles, and improves service sounds like a 2013 goal every company would want to achieve!!


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