The AutoVouch option in DataServ’s Purchase to Pay software solution has become quite popular in the last couple years, and we get a lot of questions from potential clients about what advantages it can provide for their P2P process. If you aren’t aware, AutoVouch is DataServ’s "pre-ERP" two or three-way match capability that uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automate the manual AP matching work in an organization’s accounts payable department. The captured invoice data, which can be received regardless of form or format, is matched to the information from your purchase order process and receiving data and then validated using multiple levels of verification.

All transactions that match (based upon pre-set rules and tolerances you establish) automatically flow into your ERP system for two or three-way match, and they are then scheduled to be paid. While there is human verification conducted by DataServ, there is zero human touch involved in this entire process from the client standpoint. AutoVouch does not replace ERP matching – it performs this function before your ERP attempts it and provides automated workflow to manage exceptions easily.  


1.    Is ERP independent, so if you have multiple ERP’s or if you change your ERP somewhere down the line, it will still function seamlessly 

2.    Allows the accuracy of the matching to be higher on a greater number of invoices

3.    Removes manual filing, searching and keying 

4.    Has intuitive exception workflow

5.    Is a no-touch process that leads to lower invoice processing costs

6.    Creates an exception-based process

7.    Provides an additional 30 days of visibility into liabilities

8.    Reduces paperwork

9.    Is Software as a Service (SaaS) – so it is pre-configured with best practices

10.  Improves staff productivity

Bonus benefit: AutoVouch increases your opportunity to realize vendor discounts 

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